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  • Circular thread rolling dies for soft and hard rolling

  • Concentricity gages and other gages for fastener inspection

  • Trimming dies

  • Flat thread rolling dies for machine screws - soft and hard rolling (AHT - after heat treatment)

  • Tapping screw dies

  • Special punches - Phillips, Torx, etc

  • Nut taps

  • Other tooling

  • Optical sorting machinery

  • Forming machines

  • Rolling machines

  • Pointing machines

  • Other second operation machines

  • Multi station formers

  • Ball bearing ball making machines

  • Bush & roller making machines

Siltrronix is an importer and indenting agent of machine tools, machinery and gages. These are primarily used in the cold forming, fastener manufacturing and auto component industry.

We specialise in hard rolling (thread rolling after heat treatment) dies and very high quality tooling (Torx tooling, Phillips punches, trimming dies, nut taps, etc) to make screws, nuts and bolts.

Our machine programme comprising cold formers, nail making machines, thread rolling machines, multi station part formers, etc from Germany.

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Updated June 2022