Optical sorting for defect free parts

What is Optical Sorting:

Automated Optical sorting is used to sort manufactured parts at very high speeds.  This technology replaces error prone visual inspectors with a virtually fool proof software and camera driven system that can check upto a 1,000 parts per minute and record all dimensions and surface defects and push parts into GO and NOGO bins.

Why Optical Sorting:

  • Speed of checking upto a 1000 parts / minute.
  • Viable alternative to error prone and tough to train and recruit man power
  • Reports on kind of defects with statistical data so focused improvements possible
  • Customer confidence
  • Auto packing possible


Siltrronix is pleased to announce that we have signed an agreement of agency with Ms Accuvision, Taiwan.

Accuvision is the leading optical sorting machine supplier in Taiwan with many reputed customers in Asia, Europe and the USA.  

Accuvision already have 5 machines in India at very reputed auto component suppliers (India operations since Mid 2012).  This number is set to grow with several large manufacturers from India having visited Taiwan in the past few months to study the machine.

Taiwan's largest fastener and auto component manufacturers use Accuvision machines to check their parts in high cost Taiwan as well as at their lowerer cost facilities in China, Malaysia & Vietnam.  

Other large Accuvision markets are  USA, Japan, Germany, S Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, Switzerland, Italy, and Turkey.

Machine model and specs below

 Machine modelChecking size Machine dimensions
L x W x H mm
ACV 16041M0.8 (M0.6) to M3 1065 x 860 x 1855
ACV 16043 M3 to M16 1065 x 860 x 1855 
ACV 16045 Custom sizes 1065 x 860 x 1855 
ACV 16051 M3 to M121270 x 880 x 1850 
ACV 16053Custom sizes 1270 x 880 x 1850 

Accuvision works with companies in the following industries:
  • Electronic product manufacturing (cell phones, tablet computers, etc),
  • Fastener manufacturers,
  • Pharma companies,
  • Microchip fabricators,
  • Crystal manufacturers, and
  • Auto component manufacturers.
An auto pack option is also available with Accuvision machines to further help streamline your operations.

Call Amit on +91-98450-04777 to discuss your Optical Sorting needs or send us an email amit@siltrronix.com to discuss your requirement.  Accuvision is very conveniently located in Taiwan and we shall be pleased to arrange a visit for you either to Taiwan or to another customers facility in India.

Examples of parts sorted / industries worked:

Automotive industry:

Fasteners, screws and bolts from M2 to M24
Insert nuts
Starter motor parts
Spark plug parts
Sensor components
Bearing components
Sheet metal parts
Injector parts
O Rings
Pump parts
Plastic parts
Radiator parts
Crank shaft parts
Engine parts

Electronic assembly industry:

Cell phone and tablet parts, insert nuts & fasteners for Apple, Samsung, etc
Miniature screws from M0.6 up
Insert nuts
Injection molded parts