Wafios UNFORMTECHNIK is a leading cold forming and wire working machinery manufacturer.  They are located in Wuppertal, Germany (very close to Cologne & Dusseldorf).

The brands owned by Wafios UFORMTECHNIK are:
  • Hilgeland
  • Kieserling
  • MRP
  • Nutap
  • EW Menn 

The range of machinery offered is:
  • Forming machines from ball forming to part formers - from 1 die-1 blow TO 6 die-6 blow
  • Thread rolling 
  • Tapping
  • Pointing & grooving
  • Special machines for auto parts, small screws, 
  • Special machines for bearing components - balls, bushes and rollers
  • Machines for special raw materials & aerospace with in line heating