Gages for fastener inspection from Greenslade, USA

Greenslade and Company supplies the widest range of standard fastener inspecting equipment in the world. The product line includes GO/NOGO and variable thread gages, recess measuring devices, head height and head protrusion measuring gages, length gages, concentricity gages, tapping screw testing equipment, including drill-drive time machines, and torque-tension measuring and recording equipment. Much of our unique equipment is covered by U.S. Patents.

Greenslade and Company designs and manufactures a wide range of special dimensional inspection systems to meet customers’ specific measurement challenges. Over the years Greenslade and Company has adopted and carefully refined the combined philosophies of “Less is more!” and “Form follows function!” as its guiding principles in overcoming measurement challenges.

Greenslade makes gages for drives as diverse as :
  • Phillips
  • Pozi
  • Torx
  • External Torx
The gages offered are for checking:
  • Recess
  • Wobble
  • Penetration
  • Go Nogo
  • Concentricity