External thread tooling and other tooling from TNP, Korea

Ms TNP Corporation, Korea is a leading supplier of tooling to the international fastener and cold form industry worldwide.  They export to Japan, China, Italy, Germany, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, USA and more.   

TNP Corporation is a fully integrated manufacturer - all manufacturing facilities are in house (salt bath & vacuum heat treatment, CVD, PVD and other engineered coating, etc).

Thread rolling dies

TNP offers dies in a proprietary, patented raw material (similar to D2).  Their dies are suitable for rolling after heat treatment, for aerospace RM and for rolling stainless steel.  In house RN coating is also offered for increased life.

TNP standard dies can roll ~44 HRC whereas other companies normally offer M2 material to roll parts of these hardness.  Click HERE for a case study.

Dies offered are for the following screws / threads:

  • AB type, A type, JIS class 1, JIS class 4 thread rolling dies, JIS class 2 and B type thread rolling dies;
  • CA type, CP type, U type, Drywall, Chip board, ACME, Trilobe, Taptite, knurling, serration, etc;
  • BSW, BSF and PF thread profile dies are also offered;
  • Taper pipe plug;
  • UNC, UNF, UNRC, UNRF & UNJF; and
  • Custom thread profiles, groove rolling dies, combination dies for double rolling (example knurl as well as thread).

Circular dies are available for machine screw, groove rolling, ACME threads, serration, etc:

  • Infeed; and
  • Leadless and with lead thru feed thread rolling.

Radiused Root & Radiused Root Runout (RRO)

All TNP dies are manufactured with a Radiused Root thread profile, resulting in a better thread

TNP also offers dies with RRO for better strength of finished rolled part for a small incremental cost. 

Torx tooling

TNP is a licensed manufacturer of Torx punches - internal & external.  The offer pin type punches, solid punches and custom designed punches.

Trimming dies

For high tensile material as well as stainless steel.  We offer Hexagon, square, round, 12 point and special geometries.

TNP trimming dies are among the best in the world and are exported to markets such as Europe, Japan, America and are stocked and also available on order by us in India.  

Special coatings are also available considering individual requirements.

Second punches

Phillips, Pozi drive, Torx, 6 lobe, hexagon, combination punches and special profile punches.

Multi station punches

Torx, Torx plus. 6 lobe, hexagon, bihex, square, etc are offered.  These punches are offered in different steel grades.  

TNP also offers carbide tipped punches which are manufactured using a special diffusion bonding process.

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